Connecting the NZ Angora Goat Industry and Mohair Producers

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Farmers for Farmers

Since 1970, Mohair Producers of New Zealand has supported Angora goat farmers throughout the country in cultivating mohair for profitability. Our mission is to empower mohair producers and Angora goat farmers, foster growth in supplier and animal numbers, share knowledge and contribute to the flourishing mohair industry in New Zealand.

Why Angora Goat Farming?

Strong Markets

An international supply shortage means a high demand for mohair fibre, creating an extraordinary opportunity for anyone with an interest to enter the industry.

Additional Income

Angora goats can offer a lucrative and reliable income stream and are easy to incorporate into lifestyle blocks and existing farms.

Premium Returns

Mohair is highly valued for its softness and durability. It is a world class fibre, and top Angora goats can produce up to 6kg per year, which translates into more money in your bank.

Environmentally Friendly

Angora goats can be farmed in low input systems. They improve pasture quality by providing a chemical free solution to weed control. They are lighter on the land than other stock units, both physically and in terms of CO2 outputs.

Our Vision:
A Thriving Mohair Industry

The goal of our organisation is to connect our Mohair Industry and keep producers based in New Zealand informed on all things mohair and Angora goats. A key focus is to promote farming angoras in NZ, with an emphasis on sustainability and how Angora goats fit into the future of agriculture. Our board acts on behalf of our members, with specific functions including:

  • To be an authoritative, professional and credible voice for members at local, national, and international levels.
  • Protecting the collective interests of all members.
  • Promote the benefits of mohair production while elevating the industry’s reputation.
  • Present transparent and consistent communications regarding MNZI’s business.

The Potential of Angora Goats

Angora goats are fun to be around and known for their sociable nature. They are relatively low-maintenance animals that are adaptable and mild mannered. Over the last few decades, advances in Angora genetics mean that these friendly goats are well-suited to be farmed in many areas of New Zealand, especially on land with free-draining soils. Farming Angora goats is a rewarding activity as well as environmentally sustainable and profitable.

A Fleece like No Other

Angora goats produce mohair, a valuable fibre known for its softness, lustre, and durability. Its unique qualities and versatility have contributed to its popularity among designers, manufacturers, and consumers worldwide. Mohair’s natural hypoallergenic properties make it fibre of choice for people with sensitive skin. It is also preferred by environmentally conscious consumers who are wanting to move away from short-lived synthetic items and invest in high-quality, natural, fibre-based pieces that will last for decades in their wardrobe or on their bed.

Discover the possibilities
of mohair production and Angora goat farming.