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Fibre Characteristics


Colour Retention

Mohair fibres dye easily and retain their colour longer than other forms of natural fibre due to the lustre of the fibre. This means that mohair fabrics resist fading.



Mohair is virtually non-flammable. When exposed to a naked flame the fibres will burn slowly and at low temperatures, with the burning tip creating a bead like ash. The fibres will promptly stop burning once the flame is removed.



Mohair fibre is extremely durable due to the fibres structure and can be bent and twisted without creating permanent damage to the fibre.

This property allows mohair to be one of the most durable animal fibres.



Mohair is very elastic. Fibres will retain their original shape and size, which allows mohair fabrics to resist wrinkling, stretching, and sagging during wear.



All natural fibres possess the ability to readily absorb atmospheric moisture. Mohair dries slowly reducing the possibility of a chill.


Resistance to Soiling

Mohair fibre characteristics are resistant to dirt accumulation, meaning that dust and other stains will not be retained on the materials surface, allowing for use as furnishing and hanging fabrics.

Any dust which may remain on the material can be easily removed through shaking or brushing.



Woven fabrics made from mohair rarely felt or shrink, and knitted mohair fabrics shrink much less than untreated wool.



While mohair could be considered a relatively heavy fibre on its own, once blended with wool, it creates a smooth lightweight material. This produces a cool and durable fabric, favoured in suits and hot weather clothing.


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