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Anna Agnew

Executive Member

My name is Anna Agnew and live and work in Whangarei. I have a herd of roughly 50 angora goats who live on my parents dairy farm runoff block at Ruatangata West, while I live in town. I see my goats about 2 or 3 times a week, although much more during kidding time.
I have had angora goats since 2016 and have also worked extensively with dairy goats. (The angoras are much more fun though). I’ve stuck with the angora goats because they have such individual personalities and I love seeing them grow. Mohair is such an awesome product as well and it’s amazing seeing it just drip off them when they get shorn.
Eventually I will buy my own farm and run them at home so I can boost my herd number up and supply even more mohair to market.
I am happy to answer any questions regarding angora goat farming in Northland and mohair production. You can reach me through the mohair producers Facebook page or at 

Katie Taylor

Executive Member

Hi, my Name is Katie Taylor and I am from South Canterbury, in the South Island. I own a small block with my partner, where we run angora goats, a few rescue Waipu goats, and I come from an agribusiness background.
After owning a few pet goats, we recently jumped ship from sheep farming, to run solely goats on our property, after falling in love with their great nature and character, alongside the beautiful fibre. I have a keen interest in the genetic hardiness of Waipu goats, and how this can be integrated into breeding lines to minimise feet issues, worm burden, and overall ability to thrive, with an aim of maintaining commercial level mohair.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach me at MohairNZ on Instagram.

Michael Woodward


Born and bred around Pukekohe I have always had mixed rural/urban upbringing and with my Parents being early advocates for the industry its far to say mohair is in my blood.I completed my Dip Fm Mgmt at Lincoln in 2001 and apart from a few years trying different jobs have since been dairy farming. I met my wife Susie from the USA on a dairy farm we worked on and together have moved on overtime tomanage/sharemilk 1000-3000 cows at different times. We now own a 170 ha Platform in Otorohanga on which we milk 300 cows , run all young stock and bulls for the farm and 250 Angora goats.


We have recently built a warehouse on farm where we now run Mohair Fibres NZ LTD and between producing our fibre , breeding bucks for the industry and supporting farmers we aim to bring stability and reinvigoration to an industry with such potential. Please get in touch if I can help with any questions you may have .


Phone: 021 360605


Paula McAtamney

Executive Member

I’m Paula McAtamney and based in Geraldine, South Canterbury. Along with my husband and 2 children we are dairy farming 1100 jersey cows and recently got into angora goats as well which I have been wanting to do for a while. 

I believe there is storing future for angora goats and the mohair industry within New Zealand and excited to see the potential unfold and where it grows too. 

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